• Electrolytic tinplate (ETP)

  • Tin Free Steel(TFS)

  • Cold rolled coil(CRC)

  • Cold Rolled Coils FULL HARD

  • Hot rolled pickling plate

  • End Use

 Product Introduction

The tin plate has good corrosion resistance, has certain strength and hardness, is good in formability and easy to weld, and the tin layer is non-toxic and tasteless, can prevent iron from being dissolved into the packaged object, and the surface is bright, and the printed picture can beautify the product.

 Product Standard

 Mechanical Properties of Tinplate


 Product Introduction

TIN FREE STEEL refers to a steel plate coated with a layer of chrome on the surface to prevent the corrosion of the surface of the steel plate and prolong its service life. The surface of the steel plate is coated with a layer of metal chrome, which is a frequently used and effective anti-corrosion method.

1.The cost is about 10% lower than tinplate, and the appearance is not as lustrous as tinplate.

2. Corrosion resistance is not as good as tinplate, coating is thin and pinhole rate is high, so the inner and outer surfaces should be coated when in use.

3. TFS has strong adhesion and the adhesion to the organic coating is 3-6 times stronger than that of the tin plate. Resistance to sulphide corrosion is also stronger than tin plate.

4. TFS cannot be soldered and can only be welded or bonded by lap welding.

5. The coating is thin and the toughness is poor, and the can is easily broken, so it is not suitable for punching the can, and it can be used for deep-drawn cans.

6. TFS has high temperature resistance, and generally has no obvious change in color and hardness at 5000 °C, and it starts to soften at 7000 °C.

 Product Standard

 mechanical properties of TFS


 Product Introduction

Cold-rolled steel coils is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon structural steel cold-rolled sheet, also known as cold-rolled sheet, commonly known as cold plate, and sometimes it is mistakenly written as cold-rolled sheet. The cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot-rolled steel strip, which is further cold-rolled into a steel plate having a thickness of less than 4 mm. Since rolling at normal temperature does not produce iron oxide scale, the surface quality of the cold plate is good, the dimensional accuracy is high, and the annealing process is superior to the hot-rolled steel sheet in mechanical properties and process performance, in many fields, especially In the field of home appliance manufacturing, it has gradually replaced hot-rolled steel sheets.

 Product Standard

 mechanical properties of CRC

 Product Introduction

CRC FULL HARD: Cold rolled coil refers to continuous rolling of hot rolled pickled rolls at normal temperature.

Thickness range: 0.1mm-0.45mm, width range: 700mm-1000mm, material: SPCC

Features: Because it is not annealed, its hardness is very high (HRB is greater than 90), and the machining performance is extremely poor. Only a simple directional bending process of less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the winding direction) can be performed. Some steel mills can produce four-fold processing.

Application range:

(1) processing into ordinary cold rolling after annealing; coating;

(2) galvanizing unit with annealing pretreatment device is processed for galvanizing;

(3) Panels that do not require processing at all.

 Product Introduction

Thickness range: 1.8mm-5.0mm, width range: 700mm-1350mm, material SPHC, can also be used for pickling processing business, materials can be customized according to order’s requirements.Pickling plate is made of high-quality hot-rolled sheet, which is removed by acid pickling unit, trimmed, trimmed, surface quality and use requirements (mainly cold-bending or stamping properties). The intermediate product between the hot rolled sheet and the cold rolled sheet is an ideal replacement for some hot rolled sheets and cold rolled sheets. Compared with hot-rolled sheets, the advantages of pickling plates are mainly: 1) good surface quality, because the hot-rolled pickling plate removes the surface iron oxide scale, improves the surface quality of the steel, and is convenient for welding, oiling and painting. 2) The dimensional accuracy is high, and after flattening, the plate shape can be changed to some extent, thereby reducing the deviation of the unevenness. 3) Improve the surface finish and enhance the appearance. 4) It can reduce the environmental pollution caused by users' scattered pickling. Compared with cold-rolled sheets, the advantage of pickling boards is that they can effectively reduce the procurement cost while ensuring the requirements for surface quality. At present, many companies are placing increasing demands on the high performance and low cost of steel. With the continuous advancement of the rolling technology, the performance of the hot-rolled sheet is approaching to the cold-rolled sheet, so that "cooling by heat" can be realized technically. It can be said that the pickling plate is a product with a relatively high performance price ratio between the cold rolled plate and the hot rolled plate, and has a good market development prospect.

 Electrolytic Tinplate

used in three food packaging (beverage cans, tomato cans, edible oil, cheese cans, condensed milk, fruit cans, etc.), two food cans (sardines, tuna, ink cans, various deep-drawing) Cans), various Aerosol cans, chemical Cans, Fancy cans (gift cans, high-grade biscuit boxes, high-grade candy cans, tea cans, decorations, etc.), crown caps, various easy-open ends, various bottom covers, electronic accessories , cable straps, etc.

 Tin Free Steel

used in two food cans (sardine cans, tuna cans, ink cans, various deep-drawn cans), crown caps, various easy-open lids, various bottom covers, electronic accessories, cable straps, etc.

 Cold rolled coil

used in home appliance panel, enamel, printing iron, color coating, tin plating, barrel making, box making, food packaging, automotive industry, machinery industry, light industrial appliances, home appliances and construction...

 Cold Rolled Coils FULL HARD

It is applied to galvanizing and color coating.

 Hot rolled pickling plate

1. The main uses of hot-rolling pickling in the automotive industry are as follows: automotive undercarriage systems, including girders and sub-beams. Wheels, including rims, wheel radiation, etc. Driving the interior panels. The car panel is mainly the floor of the compartment of various trucks. Other stamping parts, including anti-collision bumpers, brake sluice covers and other small parts inside the car.

2. The machinery industry (excluding automobiles) mainly includes textile machinery, mining machinery, fans and some general machinery.

3, light industrial appliances, mainly used to manufacture compressor housings, brackets, water heater liners. Chemical oil drums.

4. Other bicycle parts, various welded pipes, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves, fences, iron ladders and stamping parts of various shapes.

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